Hello, and welcome to my website. I am a retired actor who has embarked on a new endeavor: crime writing. I’m the author of two novels featuring Hollywood actor/private eye Eddie Collins. The first in the series, Murder Unscripted, from Perfect Crime Books, was a 2012 nominee for the Best First PI Novel by the Private Eye Writers of America. The second in the series, Red Desert, has just been published in January of 2015 by Moonshine Cove Publishing.

I live at the southern end of Oregon’s Rogue River Valley. Why, you may ask, since I’m writing novels about a Hollywood private eye, do I live so far from southern California? Good question. I wound up here in 2004, having been hired for a season at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. When the engagement ended, rather than go back to Los Angeles, get an agent, and try to resuscitate a career that was fast becoming a rumor, I decided to stay. Good choice.

Both Murder Unscripted and Red Desert are available from Amazon and Barnes&Noble. They are also available in a Kindle version. In addition, you can also find them as audio books, with narration by the author. [Once an actor, always an actor, right?]

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    1. Hi Janette. Nice to hear from you. I’m signing copies of “Red Desert” on May 4 at 7 PM at Bloomsbury Books in Ashland. Hope to see you there.

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